Welcome to Katalyst Nutrition!

I’m Kate Jeffries and my aim is to support clients to reclaim their health and optimise their wellbeing through nutritional medicine (wholefood meal plans and supplements when necessary) and practical tools and techniques to reclaim control over their thoughts, emotions and their mind. The mind and the body do not exist separately – they are two interconnected parts of the bigger whole that makes up you. The food we put into our body plays an integral role in determining the state of our physical health but it also determines the state of our mind and emotional health.

In the same way, our thoughts, emotions, self-talk and state of mind significantly impact our physical health and often are the motivation behind our food choices. Your body hears everything your mind says and the importance of the mind-body connection cannot be ignored when looking at overall health. I am passionate about helping clients to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through education, effective management of existing health conditions and providing support and guidance to work through any potential barriers or self-limitations that may arise.

A little about me…

At 21 years old I suddenly became very sick, was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition – Type I Diabetes. This was a major shock because I had always considered myself to be relatively healthy. Many people are familiar with Type II Diabetes (its prevalence is increasing at an alarming rate in Western countries) but Type I Diabetes is not as well understood. Type I Diabetes is a genetic condition where your immune system attacks the insulin-secreting Beta cells of the pancreas. Your body needs insulin to be able to use glucose for fuel and as individuals with Type I Diabetes no longer produce insulin they are then reliant on insulin injections. This is where my passion for nutrition and health was ignited. I didn’t want to use insulin every meal of every day for the rest of my life. And the information I was provided by the health professionals at the time I was diagnosed about how to manage this condition made absolutely no sense to me – the food I was told to eat seemed to completely contradict the little knowledge I did have about achieving optimal health.

And so the research began. I have tried countless eating styles and have been through the rollercoaster of emotions that inevitably pop up when you feel like your body has betrayed you, when you feel like the situation is not fair and when the frustrations of trying so hard but feeling as though you are failing overwhelm you. But now I am grateful. I found my passion in studying nutritional medicine because I was doing so much research for my own health; I now have a strong understanding and keen interest in the concept of bioindividuality – that every single person is different and what works for one person will differ to what works for the other; I now have a true understanding of the fluctuating and exhausting emotions and experience that comes with the physical and emotional battle of trying to achieve your health goals; and, with my own personal experience as well as a background in both nutritional medicine and psychology, I am excited to work with you to achieve optimal health, vitality and happiness in your life too.